In the past document storage and sharing them with others or even sending them out required a great deal of coordination and paper. This meant filing clerks, couriers, fax machines and other equipment were all frequently used to handle document work. The environmental impact of all this paper is immense, especially when you consider the amount of trees had to be cut down.

Document storage and distribution software brings efficiency and productivity to the workplace, removing much of the manual processes involved with storing and distributing files and documents. It centralizes these documents allowing users to easily access and locate the most current version. This reduces time spent at work and helps businesses meet the requirements of regulatory standards.

The most effective document management software features many advanced tools to enhance collaboration and speed up workflows. Secure storage of files, automatic document synchronization after returning online, and group folders with granular permission control for different stakeholders are all important. Search for a robust function that can return relevant results quickly, as well.

Some of the most popular document management software solutions include FileHold, DocuWare, and Q-Pulse. These solutions are available in cloud or on-premise installation and include a range of features that can streamline document storage and distribution. FileHold, for example, offers a centralized repository that is secure and protected with robust search capabilities and document workflows that allow you to review and approve documents. It also provides clients with a white-labeled portal as well as automated document routing and an excellent control of version numbers, ensuring that your colleagues and clients have access to the most up-to-date versions of files.

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