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Services - Sell My Business Jacksonville


Our mission is your success

  • Ongoing support before and after the sale
  • Intermediary services for Merger and Acquisitions, including Small and Large Companies
  • Due Diligence services for both Buyer and Seller
  • Attorney and Accountant Services
  • Expert lending Services to purchase or sell a Business with an emphasis on SBA 504 and 7-A products.
  • Professional Marketing and Packaging of your Company to sell, with no upfront fees. This package is complete without showing the Business name or location.
  • Marketing to over 150 web sites, getting your business in front of the right strategic buyers.
  • Tax Experts before, during, and after the sale.
  • Buyers that are ready, willing, and able to purchase.
  • No charges until your business is sold
  • Production of Letter of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Legal and effective Non-Disclosure documents
  • Incorporating and setting up Buyer with needed legal and licensing products
  • Expert Liquor Licensing
  • Buyer profiles and Proof of Funds to Purchase
  • Expertise on a particular Business (Agents that are experts in one or two fields)
  • Franchise Development and Franchise Sales. https://www.accuratefranchising.com/
    If a Franchise is for you, we help you decide what is best for your skills and abilities. Click on the link for more information
  • E-2 Visa Criteria



Asset Approach values the assets of your business minus the liabilities. Some of the methods in this approach are book value, excess earnings method, asset accumulation method to name a few. However these values usually mean very little to the market value of most operating businesses. For the most part the asset approach does not properly represent the value of an ongoing business that has positive earnings.

Sell My Business Jacksonville


Simply defined, it is much like a real estate comparable method. Like businesses in size and industry sell for similar valuations. There is the guideline publicly traded company method or the merger and acquired company method (private sale databases). There are many databases we can research to find multiples of gross sales and earnings to compare to your business. This method can be very reliable in most cases and is a strong indicator of value.


Your business is worth the present value of the income stream it will bring to an investor. There are several complicated methods including the discounted future earnings method as well as several capitalization methods. This approach is also a strong indicator of what a business with positive income is worth. These methods rely on future projections and growth rates to decide what the business may be worth. If that is true then why do most people multiply or capitalize historical earnings to arrive at a value? Because the assumption is the buyer will maintain the current income levels and they are a reasonable indication of future earnings.


  • Investment of your capital including funds and other assets must be at risk in a real and active commercial enterprise with the objective of generating a profit. (A real and active commercial enterprise is one that provides services or goods for profit.) You must prove that the capital invested is from a legal source
  • You’ll need a detailed business plan over a five-year period and be able to prove that you have staff other than yourself to work at the US business. It is possible to get a case approved if the financial projections can show strong economic increases even if the business is currently not profitable
  • The funds you invest in the US business must be your own, although they can be gifted
  • The funds invested must be substantial compared to the total cost to buy the business. It is possible that part of the funds could be set up as a loan depending on the total amount of money invested and the type of deal
  • The E-2 investor must own at least 50% of the US business to come in as an E-2 investor
  • The US Company you will buy or develop must have two full-time employees usually beside the main investor. There are exceptions to this, and it can depend on the country you are from.
  • The information contained here is only intended as a guide and is not to be considered as legal advice. You should contact an Immigration Attorney for actual requirements for your personal situation.
  • jessicaw@weissiplaw.com www.weissiplaw.com and www.AttorneyJessicaWeiss.com
    ( for helpful immigration charts)


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