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Sell your cleaning business checklist

Do you have queries like how to sell my cleaning business? Where to find a broker who can sell my cleaning business? Well, here is content for you.

There are 3 major steps to sell your cleaning business


Get your documentation work done. This would include your pending contracts, accounting ledgers, employee costs, inventory costs, details of assets like cleaning machines, office supplies, vehicles, etc. Also, make sure that you don’t have any pending contacts. If any work is in process, get it done first. No buyer would like to take your liabilities. Make your workforce ready for the new leadership. Motivate them as they would be experiencing a new culture.

Know your worth

Start from getting your business valued. For that, do some market research to know the prices. In practice, there is no give formula to know your company’s worth. You need to maintain a trade off between maximizing profit and countering the competition. You need to make an approximation and see what is a reasonable price. You can take a percentage of your annual revenues, net sales, net income and owner’s equity.

Find the right buyer

Don’t waste your time and effort searching for buyers. Contact a business broker instead. The brokers are highly experienced in the business and have a strong network with the buyers. They will help you reach out to potential buyers in no time. Though, you will have to forgo some amount in the fees, it will be compensated by the final value you will receive.

Why choose Sell my business Jacksonville?

When you’re finally out there in the market to “Sell My Business,” get one-on-one consultations with Julie Brigman – a name that’s synonymous with “Sell My Business Jacksonville.” Discuss the issues surrounding the sale of your business with Julie Brigman, an expert in this domain. Julie will also ensure you receive the best possible ROI (Return on Investment) so contact us now. When contemplating “Sell My Business Jacksonville,” there’s a reason Julie Brigman sells more business than any other brokerage in Florida. It’s because she’s an expert! As a business broker in Jacksonville, Florida, she is professionally trained to guide and assist you through inquiry to closing.
Julie Brigman is the top producing business broker with Transworld Business Advisors in NE Florida. She specializes in transactions ranging in size from $500,000 to $30 million.
Being a Business Broker in Jacksonville, Florida, Julie Brigman also works with individuals and companies to sell or buy privately held companies. Julie’s unique process involves confidentially working with business owners while they continue focusing on running their business. Julie Brigman also has the experience of selling many types of businesses and works with 100s of other brokers across Florida. Customarily, she also works with small business owners to determine the value of their business without charge.

If you’re interested in Selling Your Businessget in touch with her now.

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