Each of them features differences between balance maintenance and applicable costs. Besides, the dedicated account manager supports the Premium and VIP investor at any time with convenience, personal analyst possibility and advanced features. Industry standards in online trading require a powerful platform to execute orders, thus the EverFX decided to mainstay at the market leader – MetaTrader4. A solid and dependable platform delivers a wealth of features, advanced charting and customization along with auto-trading capabilities.

Broker Types

MT4 is a trusted option among traders, receiving excellent customer reviews. Packed with technical analysis tools and multiple order types, it meets the needs of beginners and experienced traders alike. EverFX is a broker offering flexible funding options and 130 instruments across 6 asset classes.

EverFX Review – Are you safe trading with this broker?

All the trading brokers aim to provide peaceful and smooth trading platforms to the people. EverFx offers multiple trading platforms for users to have a good understanding and do their trading at great ease. At the top left of the bar, there is a multiple options bar like the dashboard, markets, trades, the status of trades, trading central, and copy trading. EverFx is a trading platform that is providing services to its users for more than 7 years. It offers access to 1000s of different trading markets including commodities, indices, forex, and crypto-currencies.

  1. But there are also elements you won’t find in a legitimate business – written guidance on how to identify a potential investor’s weaknesses and turn those weaknesses against them.
  2. EverFX is one of the international brands under scrutiny.
  3. They said EverFX had never had a crypto wallet and had no control over how its third-party payment processors directed funds.
  4. “They wouldn’t tell me anything because they couldn’t disclose other people’s information,” he said.

Conclusion on our EverFx review: No scam detected

A broker soon became Josep’s daily phone friend and convinced him to put in more and more money. The coordinated raid didn’t target all the individual salespeople, the brokers who call people night and day to push their scams. “Each country’s legislation is very complicated,” said police sources. The criminal networks limefx are purposely located in the Balkan nations because it’s more difficult for the police to take action there. “If they had been located in Spain, we would have been able to arrest them quite easily,” said the Spanish authorities, who said that the individuals making these sales calls are fully aware of the scams.

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It has also been involved in its own fair share of controversy and is suspected to be a Ponzi scheme masquerading as a legitimate trading company. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. Are you looking for the best platform to start your trading journey?

EverFx has kept its promise to the users to help them in teaching trading. The platform has taken great efforts to help its users by making them competent traders by providing access to the technical and fundamental analysis that provides immense help. EverFx provides different types of charts to have a better understanding of selected charts. However, we have received complaints regarding its operations, including account managers pressuring investors to move their funds to offshore firms. EverFX offers both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms in addition to a web-based trading platform. Yes EverFX was mentioned in a BBC news report on the subject of trading scams.

Looking at the Trustpilot reviews for EverFX show a poor rating, with between 1.9 and 2.6 stars across several different verified company pages (EverFX, EverFX Global, EverFXint). Reviews for Axiance are currently mostly positive, though worryingly there are several identical reviews left under different names and on different dates. EverFx has the vision to expand more and deliver quality services to its users. The account creating method of the EverFx is a reliable and easy one. It takes a few steps to create an account and start the trading by following simple steps. The users need to enter their names, valid email, mobile phone number, country selection, and if any promo code for the bonus can be entered while creating the account.

They said that they had fully cooperated with the FCA and there were no outstanding UK regulatory complaints. EverFX denied our allegations, saying that they were a legitimate and regulated platform where risks were fully explained. They said that they had investigated Barry Burnett’s case and found that he was responsible for his losses. Mr Mgeladze also denied our accusations, telling us that he has never owned any call centres fraudulently mis-selling investments and has no knowledge of the Milton group. Kezerashvili also owns a Kyiv office building that was home to both the scam call centre selling EverFX and the tech firms that provided the software – offices which were raided by police in November. He also owns a Tbilisi office block that contained some of the same tech firms.

Moreover, EverFX powers the MT4 to free VPS hosting, which allows running EAs constantly with no interruptions in a protected environment. Yet, in order to use it for free, the trader should comply with the terms of use. The minimum deposit or maintenance of the account should be 5,000$, otherwise, the clients can claim VPS hosting fee 20$ a month. Additional entity of EverFX is located in the Cayman Islands and is registered with local CIMA, however, being an offshore zone this entity does not prove its reliable status on its own. Yet, together with regulation from Europe makes EverFX as a broker which complies to regulatory requirement and offers legit conditions.

“The victims think they have a real account with the company, but there isn’t really any trading, it’s just a simulation,” said Alex, a former employee who worked in a Milton group office in Kyiv, Ukraine. One Milton group investment brand even sponsored a top-flight Spanish football club, and advertised in major newspapers, lending it credibility with potential investors. A global scamming network has robbed ordinary investors of more than a billion dollars. BBC Eye identified a shadowy network of businessmen who appear to be behind it. Moreover, the traders of the Islamic believe can engage in the trading with EverFX too, since there is an option to open Swap-free account.

While Axiance is currently enjoying positive reviews online, its previous trading name EverFX is blighted by countless detailed negative reviews from customers. This worry is compounded by the previous disavowal and statement from the Financial Conduct Authority. Worryingly, at least one review appears to intimate that an account manager used TeamViewer to transfer funds from the customer’s bank account without their permission.

You see, the broker might come with overly lucrative trading terms and conditions and the promises to take your trading portfolio to a whole new level, yet when it comes to safety, it might not be as forthcoming. The FCA has stopped ICC Intercertus from conducting any regulated or marketing activities in the UK and has directed it to take all reasonable steps to stop other members of the EverFX Group doing the same. It has also ordered the firm to close all trading positions and return the money to customers. The FCA has acted to stop a Cypriot-based firm, ICC Intercertus Capital Ltd, and other members of its group which trade as EverFX, from offering high risk contracts for differences (CFDs) to UK investors.

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