“I was drinking a lot, way too much,” he told The Hollywood Reporter about a year after his stint at rehab. “It’s never one specific thing. I mean, you’re in your 20s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know? Everything is thrown at you.” “I started drinking again, because alcohol was never my problem,” he said. “I never liked the feeling of being drunk. I would do coke and I would use alcohol to come down.” “I stepped up my drinking. I started doing more drugs,” he said. “Yeah, man. The whole back end of the ’90s were just awful.”

Famous figures who ultimately lost their lives to alcohol addiction

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Famous and much-loved celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Heath Ledger have been the victims of such unfortunate circumstances. While many deaths may be due to misuse of illegal substances, these drugs are not always illicit – and an overdose may not always be intentional. Mel Gibson has publicly admitted to battling alcoholism for all of his adult life. In a previous 2006 arrest, made on the basis of suspected drunk driving, the arresting officer claimed he made anti-Semitic remarks.

Keith Urban has been sober for over a decade.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Farley battled both obesity and addiction, issues that were often incorporated into his comedy. On January 22, 2008, Ledger was found unresponsive at his apartment in New York City. Not long after, he was pronounced dead, with later reports revealing that the Australian-born actor suffered a fatal overdose by way of a prescription drug cocktail at just 28 years old. After playing Mini-Me, though, Troyer became a favorite in the comedy world, and roles in “Bubble Boy” and “Pauly Shore Is Dead” followed.

Actors Who Tragically Passed Away From Overdoses

“I’ve never hid it, but I’ve been sober the whole time I’ve been famous, so it wasn’t like I had to go to rehab publicly.” “I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction; something I’ve dealt with in the past and will continue to confront,” he wrote. “I want to live life to the fullest and be the best father I can be.” In an interview with GQ UK in 2012, Lana Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House Del Rey opened up about her struggles with alcohol and drugs as a teen. “12 and a half years ago I was in active addiction,” Campbell Bower wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in July 2022. “Hurting myself and those around me who I loved the most. It got so bad that eventually I ended up in a hospital for mental health. I am now 7 1/2 years clean and sober.”

  • So many things.” Cooper’s statements attest to the fact that alcohol affects more than just yourself — it also affects those around you.
  • He quickly earned a PGA Tour card as a professional in 2017 and won the Barbasol Championship that year for his first win on tour.
  • In 2007, production began on the second Christopher Nolan-led “Batman” film, with Ledger cast to play the caped crusader’s most infamous nemesis, the Joker.
  • He even regularly highlighted these struggles as a part of his stand-up routines.
  • “I had a big problem with alcohol and pills and I couldn’t stop,” he told People in 2013.
  • Spurlock made documentaries about the boy band One Direction and the geeks and fanboys at Comic-Con.
  • Perhaps Ford’s greatest legacy was the honesty she brought to the American idea of alcoholism.
  • Check out this gallery to see which stars died as a result of alcohol abuse.
  • She was arrested again a few months later and charged with assault alongside her husband.

Best known to audiences for his decade-long stint at Chandler Bing on “Friends” beginning in 1994, Matthew Perry first broke into acting on the small screen years earlier. In the 1980s, Margaux Hemingway was as hot a supermodel as there was. Years after leaving “That ’70s Show,” Kelly admitted that her struggle with alcohol had contributed to her departure.

  • While we may be more accustomed to celebrities dying to heroin and other drugs, many have died due to an addiction to alcohol.
  • Death due to drugs can also be the result of mixing prescribed medications with other drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, over-the-counter medications or even herbal supplements.
  • He was in and out of handcuffs for years, too, including a 1991 arrest for attempted burglary and an incident in which he tried to shoplift at a West Hills pharmacy in Los Angeles.
  • Country musician Hank Williams, who brought us such classics as ‘Hey, Good Lookin,’ died at a tragically young age from complications after alcohol abuse.

Grayson Murray, 2-time PGA Tour winner, dies at 30

He reportedly checked into rehab again in 2018 as a preventative measure when he began to feel urges, according to The Sun. In 2003, the actor opened up to Playboy about being a recovering alcoholic. “Sixteen years ago … I crashed and washed ashore on the banks of sobriety,” he said. “It got to the point where all of my life has escalated and I couldn’t suppress it,” Simpson said.

Which Celebrities Have Died from an Overdose?

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